About Us

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church was founded by English immigrants on July 1, 1876 making it the oldest church in the city of Fairmont.  The original church building was first used for services on Sunday, October 8, 1876 and was consecrated by the Rt. Rev. Henry Benjamin Whipple, the first bishop of Minnesota, on August 23, 1877.  In 1970 the first St. Martin’s was razed and the present structure was built on the same property at the corner of First and Park Streets.  The first services in the new church were held on Palm Sunday, April 4, 1971.  The new building was formally consecrated by the Rt.  Rev.  Phillip F. McNairy, the sixth bishop of Minnesota, on August 23, 1977, exactly one hundred years to the day the first church building was consecrated.